History @[General Exhibiton Section]

@Although Iwate was distant from the capital of Japan, a brilliant culture flourished.@The social development and political transitions are shown by ancient documents, old maps, videos and other materials.

@ head of dragon

@ brand of horse

bill of Meiji era

Nanbuhan Sankinkoutai Zumaki
@ drawing scroll of Sankinkoutai (Nanbu samurai's parade)

Unohanaodosi Benirasyazi Karazishibotanmon Nimaidougusoku
@ Armour worn by the Nanbu Lord who govwrned an are equal to most of present day Iwate. The Morioka clan's family crest,"a pair of aranes,Karajishibotan" is stencilled on more than 40 parts over the armour.

Kazigami Kakezu
@ hanging scroll of smith god