Hiraizumi was inscribed as a World Heritage site in June 2011.

General Information about the Hiraizumi World Heritage Site Hiraizumi Iwate, World Heritage Information Center

Message from the Governor

Here is an open message to all from the Governor of Iwate.

세계유산위원회 지사 스피치

 A deliberation entitled “Hiraizumi – Temples, Gardens and Archaeological Sites Representing the Buddhist Pure Land” was conducted at the 35th UNESCO World Heritage Committee Meeting, held in Paris, France from June 19 to 29, 2011, as a result of which Hiraizumi was inscribed as a World Heritage site at 5:50 pm local time on June 25 (12:50 am on June 26, Japan time).
 After the decision was made, Governor Tasso, who was attending the event as a government representative, gave his thank-you speech from the podium.

 Mr. (Madame) Chairperson,

 Ladies and gentlemen,

Being the Governor of Iwate, the region most severely hit by the March 11 disaster, let me first, on behalf of all the people in Tohoku, thank you all for the warm sympathy and great help extended to us.

And now I thank the Committee for inscribing Hiraizumi on the World Heritage List. It has been our long dream.

Hiraizumi was built in the 12th century to establish long lasting peace after the devastating calamities of civil wars. The ideas from outside through the Silk Road helped the founding fathers.

Its inscription therefore will give great encouragement to us who currently face overwhelming task of recovery from the March 11 disaster, with the original ideals of the construction of Hiraizumi in mind.

The task ahead of us is not an easy one. But the power today’s inscription gave us tells that we shall succeed as long as we stay open to the help and encouragement from outside.

 The joy and gratitude to you that I have today, will certainly be transmitted to the future generations, which will ensure full conservation of the sites.

 Thank you, Mr. (Madame) Chairperson,

 Thank you, members of the Committee,

 Thank you all the States Parties, and

 Thank you, ICOMOS