Hiraizumi was inscribed as a World Heritage site in June 2011.

General Information about the Hiraizumi World Heritage Site Hiraizumi Iwate, World Heritage Information Center

지사 메시지

Here is an open message to all from the Governor of Iwate.

The Hiraizumi Declaration on the Tohoku Restoration

Governor Tasso reading the declaration and the Youth Cultural Property Protection Association (Main hall, Chūson-ji Temple)

 The fact that Hiraizumi's Cultural Heritage was inscribed as a World Heritage site, the first in the Tohoku region, is like a beacon of hope for the reconstruction of each of the areas in Tohoku that were severely damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, including Iwate.  During the Hiraizumi World Cultural Heritage Inscription and Tohoku Reconstruction Konjikido Prayer Ceremony held at the Chuson-ji Temple on Sunday, July 3rd, Governor Tasso, together with the Hiraizumi UNESCO Association and Youth Cultural Property Protection Association, announced The Hiraizumi Declaration on the Tohoku Restoration a declaration that incorporates Hiraizumi's ideals and determination to reconstruct the region, as well as gratitude for the support given to the Tohoku region from both outside and within Japan.