Hiraizumi was inscribed as a World Heritage site in June 2011.

General Information about the Hiraizumi World Heritage Site Hiraizumi Iwate, World Heritage Information Center

Dedication Pledge for Chūson-ji (important cultural property)

 The founder of the Northern Fujiwara clan, Kiyohira, who moved their base to Hiraizumi at the end of the 11th century, started construction of Chūson-ji Temple in the 2nd year of the Chouji era (1105) and the main temple buildings were completed by the 3rd year of the Tenji era (1126). At that time, Kiyohira held a grand Buddhist memorial service and read aloud a prayer stating that "he wanted to build a Buddhist country (a peaceful, utopian society following the teachings of Buddha) in the remote Tohoku region called Michinoku to comfort the souls of all who died in the wars that had been waged in the Tohoku region (the Zenkunen War and the Gosannen War), regardless of their being friend or enemy, and encourage Pure Land Buddhism".

Excerpts from the Chūson-ji Dedication Pledge

 The tolling of this bell resounds throughout all worlds, removing pain from and comforting all people equally. The imperial army who came to conquer this land, the conquered locals who were scorned as "Emishi"--how many have fallen in battles in the history of time? And not just humans. Animals, birds, fish, shellfish--uncountable life forms are still being sacrificed for our living, and to be sent to the Capital as tributes. Their souls have all departed for the Next World; but their bones, having crumbled to become earth's dust, remain on this land, filled with resentment. I pray that each tolling of the bell that shakes the earth will lead the souls of those who unwillingly lost their lives.

Taken from the Colloquial Japanese translation by Kuninobu Ōya, Director, Hiraizumi Cultural Heritage Center