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Enriched Environment

Life isn't all just work
-Enjoy the comfort and safety of Iwate!

Since way back to Jomon period, Iwate has been rich in various beautiful natural settings and relaxing landscapes including forests, rivers, beaches and rice fields. With many blessings from earth, water, wind and light, Iwate has cultivated its spiritual culture.

Mt.Iwate and Kitakami River

Sightseeing Spots

Iwate is the largest prefecture on the main island of Japan. It offers plenty of attractive sightseeing spots, dynamic and graceful coastlines, Kitakami and Ou montain ranges with various seasonal views, relaxing hot springs and so on.


Towada Hachimantai National Park

Rikuchukaigan Coast National Park

Folklore and Festivals

Iwate has Hayachine Kagura which was registered as one of the important Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO in 2009. Many folklore performing arts are rooted in Iwate's history and culture, having passed down through the ages.There are various festivals including the world's No.1 Taiko drum parade Sansa Odori dance which achieved the Guinness world record as the Largest Japanese Ensemble in 2007.

Hayachine kagura

Chagu-Chagu umako

sansa odori parade


High quality meat such as beef, pork, chicken. Fresh seafood such as salmon roe and abalone from Sanriku, one of Japan's most famous fishing grounds. Traditional millet cuisine and cultural rice cake. Tasty sake rice wine. All of these, including Iwate's top three noodles, is available in Iwate's extensive food culture.

Sea Urchin

Jajamen noodle

Reimen noodle

Living Environment

By setting up cultural facilities to support day-to-day life, roads, parks, water and sewerage, iwate offers a living environment where business and private life becomes pleasant and agreeable. Also Iwate enchances community-based healthcare and welfare services.

Prefectural Museum
Park and Cultural Facilities
Parks, art museums, and other facilities are part of the perfect balance of stimulation and relaxation that only Iwate can offer.

Prefectural Central Hospital
Iwate has 21 prefectural hospitals and developed one of the best public medical networks in Japan. Our good healthcare service will help you to have a healthy and confortable living.

kitakami Sports Park
Sports and Leisure Facilities
A productive business life requires time off to recharge.Leisure is a critical element of work-life balance. Iwate's many indoor and outdoor sports facilities make it possible to refresh your mind and body.

Shopping mall
Shopping Centers
Large shopping centers opened in Morioka function as a place of recreation and relaxation for the citizens. Each regions are promoting community development to achieve rich and comfortable living.

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