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Message from the governor

Iwate Prefecture is home to a wealth of resources - not only are we blessed with a rich history and culture starting with Hiraizumi, the birthplace of the Golden Culture, but also with magnificent nature all around us. Iwate Prefecture is abundant in high quality and safe agricultural and marine products, folk arts and traditional crafts passed down from generation to generation, and our honest and hard-working citizens.

In Iwate, we have made the utmost commitment to provide one-stop service and follow-ups to all businesses that have established themselves in the prefecture. This approach has been recognized by these businesses, and in 2008, Iwate Prefecture was awarded the second highest overall ranking in the country in the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry’s “Corporate Prefectural Location Satisfaction Survey”

We want to be partners with your business, not just when deciding to locate to Iwate Prefecture but also with local operations. We promise to provide services to your satisfaction for years to come.

We sincerely look forward to the day that you locate your business in Iwate Prefecture.
 Iwate Prefectural Governor
Takuya Tasso