1898 Stallion Farm established in Morioka (later Breeding Stock Farm).
1901 Farming Experiment Station established in Morioka (later Agricultural Experiment Station).
1913 Silkworm Breeding Farm established in Mizusawa (later Sericulture Experiment Station).
1919 Farming Experliment Station-Tanko Branch established in Esashi (later Agricultural Experiment Station South Branch, then Quality Rice Breeding and Cultivation Research Section).
1927 Poultry Breeding Farm established in Tamayama.
1930 Farming Experiment Station-Karumai Branch established (later Agricultural Experimt Station-North Branch). Sericulture Experiment Station-Ichinohe Mulberry Orchard established (later Sericulture Experiment Station-ichinohe Branch).
1937 Breeding Stock Farm relocated to Takizawa; Sotoyama Branch established in Tamayama (later Livestock Experiment Station-Sotoyama Branch).
1946 Farming Experiment Station-Cold Mountain Region Research Site established in Ichinohe (later Cold Mountain Regional Development Center).
1950 Agrlcultural Experiment Station-Grape Test Branch established in Ohasama (later Horticultural Experiment Station-Ohasama Testing Branch).
1951 Agricultural Experiment Station-Southern Test Branch established in Rikuzentakata (later Southern Region Horticultural Research Section).
1962 Horticulture, Grape Testing & Southern Test Branches separated and the Horticultural Experiment Station established in Kitakami. Animal Industry Experiment Station (incorporating Breeding Stock Farm, Poultry Breeding Farm and Animal Industry section of the Agricultural Experiment Station) established in Takizawa.
1996 Animal Industry Experiment Station Taneyama Beef Cattle Improvement Center established in Sumita (later Taneyama Beef Cattle Improvement Research Section).
1997 Iwate Agricultural Research Center created (incorporating Agricultural Experiment Station, Sericulture Experlment Station, Horticultural Experiment Station & Animal Industry Experiment Station); head office located in Kitakami, Animal Industry Research Institute in Takizawa & Kenpoku Agricultural Institute in Karumai.
1999 Sericulture Research Section & Cocoon Quality Assessment Branch Office established in Morioka (Cocoon Properties Testing Branch Office closed). Arrange specialist technologists in the Center.
2001 Integration of the Marketing Research Section into the Farm Management Research section of the Plannlng, Management and Information Department.
2002 The attestation of ISO14001 was acquired.

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