Aiming towards the creation of individuality
in agriculture and farming communities in Iwate
Advancing through experimental researchCwith the close coordination of administration and the distribution ofinformation, focusing on the following 8 core points
1. Use of biotechnology and other such technologies in order to develop high quality, marketable local products and use of embryonic transplantation techniques to improve livestock quality.
2. Development of extremely low labour-intensive and low cost of production techniques in order to be internationally competitive.
3. Development of revolutionary production techniques using cutting-edge automation and systems technology.
4. Establishing a system of sustainable production and management techniques which make practical use of ecosystems and take into account environmental conservation.
5. Development of processing and distribution techniques for original agricultural and livestock products reflecting to local region, as well as establishing sales techniques for these products.
6. Establishing ways to revitalise mountain areas using the resources available in such areas.
7. Development of a foundation of maintenance and management techniques for rural villages, taking into account the multi-faceted functions of rural areas.
8. Establishment of a new "comprehensive agricultural information system" combining the various management systems for cultivation, breeding, administration and sales.

Panorama of IARC (Main office)

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