Bulletin of The Iwate Agricultural Research Center No.6

Breeding of a New Glutinous Rice Variety "Mochibijin"
Kazuhiro FUKUNARI, Yoshisato YOSHIKAWA, Hideki KODAMA and Toshiyuki SUZUKI
@The present study was undertaken to analyze blood cell chimerism and to discriminate multiple calves (38 sets) using microsatellite DNA markers (MSDNA marker). The results showed that discrimination of multiple calves was possible by analyzing white blood cells and external root sheath cells. Furthermore, we evaluated the percentage of blood cell chimerism between the different twinning procedures. The percentage of blood cell chimerism in twins obtained from artificial insemination (AI) and uncollected embryos after superovulation was 91.7% (22/24 pairs), which was significantly higher than the 50% (6/12 pairs) observed in bilateral embryo transfer and embryo transfer after AI. The results of the study indicate that MSDNA marker is useful for analysis of blood cell chimerism and discrimination of multiple calves. It also suggests that bilateral embryo transfer and embryo transfer after AI may contribute to the reduction of freemartinism in multiple calves.
Characteristics of Cattle Dung Compost Produced in Iwate Prefecture and Development of a Simple Evaluation Method
Yoshinori TAKAHASHI, Masaki TAKAHASHI, Rumiko KODASHIMA, Tsuyoshi ONO and Takashi SATOH
@Cattle waste compost (511 samples) was collected from various locations around Iwate Prefecture and was analyzed based on appearance and composition to better characterize the compost produced in the prefecture. The results of the cattle dung compost analysis were compared to the results obtained in the past (1983) and it was found that moisture readings had decreased and component content had increased. Based on the results of the appearance evaluation and composition analysis of cattle waste composts, the standards for evaluating decomposition levels and precautions, etc. were specified. These standards were systematized using Microsoft Access and the "Cattle Waste Compost Evaluation System" was developed. The system combines a function to evaluate the characteristics of cattle waste compost with a database that contains information such as compost producer, costs, etc.
Structure and Management of the Labor Organization in Paddy Farming
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