Bulletin of The Iwate Agricultural Research Center No.14

Studies on the Breeding Method using Genetic Markers in Japanese Shorthorn
Youichi SATO
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Breeding of a New Foxtail Millet Variety "Yuikogane"
Shinsuke NAKAJO
  A new foxtail millet variety “Yuikogane” was developed at Kenpoku agricultural institute. The variety selected from the cross between two landraces of Iwate prefecture, by pedigree method. In 2005, the cross was made between “Nisatai-zairai” as female and “Otsuchi 10” as male. “Nisatai-zairai” was collected from Ninohe city located in northern Iwate, and “Otsuchi 10” from Otsuchi town located in east coast of Iwate.

 “Yuikogane” is inherited bright yellowish endosperm, big grain size and thick stem from maternal line, and glutinous endosperm from paternal line. In 2012, the variety was adapted as fifth recommended variety of Iwate, for its good grain quality favored by consumers, merchants and food processors. It had been 43 years since former 4 foxtail millet recommended varieties was abolished.

 The yielding ablity of “Yuikogane” is about 30% higher than that of landrace “Taira”, which has been cultured in Iwate. Furthermore, yellowish endosperm color of “Yuikogane” is brightest among 7 glutinous foxtail millet genetic resources stocked in Iwate. The variety is expected as useful material of new millet foods. And its effect may grow foxtail millet production in Iwate and domestic market of the millet. “Yuikogane” is applied for registration.
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