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Excavation Report

Present state of excavation survey

Mirrors excavated at the Sato Site
・Two mirrors of the age of the Fujiwara Family's reign in the 12th century have been excavated at the Sato Site which lies on the east side of the Kitakami river in Hiraizumi.
They are very rare ,the 9th and 10th mirrors excavated in Hiraizumi town.

The Yanagino-gosho Site

Present state of the maintenance of the remains of the Yanagino-gosho Site

Remains of a well(of the 12th century)                        Remains seemed to have been used for a toilet of today
                                                  (12th century ,with "Chugi"-used for toilet paper of today)

A bowl with a mouth on one side excavated in the remains of a well (as shown above in the picture)-made in Atsumi(in the early 12th)

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