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  We recognize that Hiraizumi culture, which has been passed down over many years in Iwate, has an outstanding and universal value. We can boast of this cultural heritage to the world.
   The Golden Hall of Chusonji Temple, which is unique for its gilded monument, characterized by the excellent decorative art inside the hall and the mummies enshrined in it, is typical of Hiraizumi culture. The Pure Land garden of the Motsuji Temple that is designated as a special historic site and a special place of scenic beauty, still retains the elegancy of the Heian period. In addition, the recent archaeological researches indicate that Hiraizumi was one of the first medieval cities in Japan. Structures in those days are well preserved in Hiraizumi when compared to other medieval city sites .
   In the days of the four generations of the Fujiwaras, Kiyohira, Motohira, Hidehira and Yasuhira that lasted one hundred years from the late 11th century to the late 12th century, Hiraizumi flourished as a major center of politics and culture. Hiraizumi culture was greatly influenced by Kyoto culture, however, it had distinctive characteristics of its own because of trade with the northern islands. The strong political power and economic strength supported the culture. We set up our Web site to convey information on Hiraizumi culture.
   We hope that many people both at home and abroad can better understand Hiraizumi culture so that a rich cultural heritage will be handed down to the future generations.

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