Cultural Heritage in Hiraizumi

1. Significance of Hiraizumi culture

2. Historical Outline of Hiraizumi

 1 Prelude
 2 The Oshu Fujiwara Family
 3 Reign of the Kamakura Shogunate
 4 Culture in Hiraizumi
   Kiyohira's Reign
   Motohira's Reign

   Hidehira's and Yasuhira's Reign
 5 Trading and Exchanging

3. History of the Study on Hiraizumi

 1 Historical Study by Historical Documents
 2 Study of Arts and Crafts
 3 Anthropology
 4 Archaeological Excavations

4. Hiraizumi, as a Legendary City

Sites Relating to Hiraizumi in the Tohoku District

  Iwate  Aomori  Akita  Miyagi  Fukushima  Yamagata

6. Expected Archaeological Results

 1 Food, Clothing and Shelter in Hiraizumi
 2 Schedule of the Excavations of the Yanaginogosho Site
 3 Structure of the Midieval Hiraizumi City
 4 Structures and Remains

7. Directions of the Study on Hiraizumi

8. References

 1 Chronological Table of the Archaeological Excavations
 2 Institute for the Study of Hiraizumi Culture
 3 Bibliography                                             → Top Page